Our Values


For now, we are Worshipping at Home.

Who we are

Our Values Make Us Who We Are.

We Value...

The Bible

We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the Old and New Testaments, the inspired and infallible Word of God, and therein is found the only reliable guide of Christian faith and conduct. Everything we do must be rooted in scripture. The Bible is the final word.


Be Real Because Jesus is Real. We believe that God wants to use you and use us, not who we want to be, or are trying to be, but who we are today. We don't have to pretend to be something we are not, God knows us and loves us! Being fake only hurts you and everyone around you. Be real with God and you will find God will be a real difference.


God has a plan, so should we. The mission of the church is too important to leave to chance. We strive to meet goals and fulfill the ministries of the church as God provides and leads us. We don't do this haphazardly but strategically as God leads through His Holy Spirit.


God Deserves Our Best. There is no such thing as good enough when it comes to serving Jesus. Everything that we do reflects upon God, so in everything we do we want to make God look good. This goes from how we take care of the property of the church to how we sing a song. God deserves our best!


We Need Each Other. In the very beginning God saw that it was not good for Man to be alone. We need ever growing relationships in order to grow into the people that God created us to be. Accountability, trust, and help are all essential to being followers of Jesus.